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What will Lyric sound like?

Compared to other hearing aids you can expect an exceptionally natural sound quality due to the way it is fitted. Also as the device includes both the receiver and the microphone and these are positioned deep inside the ear canal issues such as whistling and nuisance wind noise on microphones are a thing of the past. In fact 95% of people wearing Lyric, prefer the Lyric sound quality to their previous hearing aid.**

Picture of the Lyric invisible hearing aid in the ear canal


Distinguishing where sounds are coming from?

Distinguishing where sounds are coming from, called localisation, is one of the main problems of hearing loss. Poor localisation can make it difficult for people to hear in groups especially where speech is changing between people and some hearing healthcare professionals believe that poor localisation is one of the two main difficulties caused by hearing loss (Ref 1).

Localisation is enhanced with the Lyric hearing aid because of where it is placed in the ear as

takes full advantage of your natural outer ear. The function of your ear is to collect sounds and funnel them into the middle ear. The way the sound is reflected off the folds on your ear, helps you to distinguish where sounds are coming from. As the Lyric is placed beyond the folds of your ear localisation is still possible and people report that they can localise where sounds are coming much better with Lyric. If you find it difficult to hear in group situations you may want to take our online hearing test or book an appointment to see a Lyric practitioner.

Will my ears feel blocked?

People who wear a hearing aid often complain that their ear feels blocked up and that sounds, their own voice in particular are echoey and unnatural. This is known as occlusion. When you speak vibrations from your vocal cords vibrate the bones in your skull and jaw , which can cause this strange effect to your own voice. Normally when there is nothing blocking the ear, these vibrations escape with no issue.  But because Lyric is placed so deep in the ear canal, these vibrations are absorbed by the device so most people find that they have little or no occlusion issues when they are wearing a Lyric hearing aid.

Will they whistle?

Another common complaint of hearing aid users is whistling, which can be both distracting and embarrassing for the person who is wearing them.  This whistling noise is called feedback. Feedback happens when sound coming out of the hearing aids receiver gets back into the microphone and is reprocessed. This sound goes around in a loop and gets louder causing a whistling sound. 

As Lyric is placed in the ear canal and sealed against the canal walls the amount of sound that can escape is reduced – meaning whistling is a thing of the past.

What about hearing on the telephone?

Hearing on the telephone can be an issue for people with a hearing loss. Firstly because every one of us lip reads to a certain extent, and we get a lot of information from looking at a persons facial expressions when they are speaking. Of course, when we are speaking with someone on the phone, this aspect of communication is taken away from us. But secondly for traditional hearing aid wearers the hearing aid can often interfere with the phone signal, and because of where you wear your hearing aid it can be uncomfortable to hold the phone against your ear.

With Lyric you can use the phone in exactly the same way as someone without a hearing loss as because of the placement of Lyric you can hold the phone directly to your ear and the signal will not be affected by the phone.

The same can be said for headphones, so that you can listen to your favourite music or radio station without the added complication of using extra gadgets. So long as you use normal headphones which do not extend far down into the ear canal, you will be able to use headphones with your Lyric hearing aid in place.

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** Figures based on three studies involving 87 clients who had worn Lyric for at least 30 days.

Ref 1: Kapteyn. T.S. (1977) Satisfaction with fitted hearing aids II.  An investigation into the influence of psycho-social factors. Scand Audiol, 6:171-177

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