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The Phonak Lyric Introduction Video

Watch the short film below for an introduction to the Lyric Invisible Hearing and see below for some tips to maximise your new Lyric hearing experience


Adapting to hearing with your Lyric hearing aid

Look forward to hearing 24 hours a day! Hearing clearly can take time to get used to. You are going to be hearing lots of unfamiliar sounds which you may not have heard for years! Because the Lyric hearing aid is placed near your ear drum the sounds you hear are going to be very natural.

What to do if your Lyric hearing aid whistles

It can take a couple of days for your Lyric hearing aid to settle into place. If you do experience any whistling, reduce the sound slightly with your SoundLync for a couple of hours and then gradually turn it back up to your comfortable volume. If this whistling lasts longer than two weeks, contact your hearing professional.

Adapting to the feel of the Lyric hearing aid

As Lyric is placed deep in your ear canal it may take a little bit of time to get used to the feel of it in your ear. You may experience some discomfort during the first days and up to two weeks after the initial fitting.

Please use the following classification for your sensation after the fitting:

1. Awareness
2. Annoyance
3. Discomfort
4. Pain

If you experience awareness, annoyance or discomfort, the Lyric hearing aid should not be removed. Experience has shown that these sensations usually go away after the adaptation phase. If there is pain, the device needs to be removed immediately. Do not remove your Lyric for minor discomfort in the first few days. After this initial settling period, most Lyric users forget that their Lyric is even there!

If you experience any itching during the first few days, simply massage the side of the ear until it subsides. Do not push, pull or scratch your ear.

For the first few days try not to sleep with direct pressure on your ear, adjust your pillows or try to sleep on your back until the Lyric hearing aid settles.


Your Lyric has been placed safely and precisely by your hearing professional.

Do not use cotton buds or touch the device in your ear.

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