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Lyric - the invisible hearing aid from Phonak

  • 100% invisible - Lyric is placed within the ear canal by a hearing healthcare professional so is completely invisible.

  • You can wear Lyric for all your daily activities, including showering*, exercising and sleeping - Lyric is worn 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you can do all of your daily activities without having to worry or take it out.

  • No daily insertion or removal, battery changes or maintenance - Lyric is worn continuously for months at a time so all maintenance is done at your follow up appointments.

  • Great sound quality - due to the placement of Lyric you use the natural properties of your outer ear to improve localisation, feedback and occlusion.

The Lyric invisible hearing aid is available from selected partners in the UK and Ireland just click the button below to find your nearest Lyric partner and book an appointment.

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How it's fitted...

The Lyric hearing aid is placed completely in your ear canal by a trained professional, and sits just 4 mm from your ear drum. No anaesthesia or surgery is needed and the procedure is very quick and comfortable. The device itself is just 16mm long! Due to the unique nature of the product it can safely reside in the ear canal for months at a time.  When the device has expired or is reaching its expiration, it is simply replaced with a brand new device during a routine visit to your Lyric Professional.

Lyric is also unique in that it is sold on a subscription basis, meaning that you pay for 1, 2 or 3 years hearing. One of the benefits of this is that when there are any advances or changes to the Lyric technology, you are guaranteed to have the new product.  Your Lyric will never be outdated!

Because Lyric is placed so deep in your ear canal you will experience exceptional sound quality, and be able to use headphones and speak on the phone without any effort. Your Lyric professional will programme your Lyric devices to match your exact hearing loss and you will be able to adjust the volume yourself, switch the devices into sleep mode or turn them off.

Where can you get it?

Lyric has been available in the USA since 2007, where there are thousands of people successfully wearing the instrument, with some people in the third year of their Lyric subscription.  It is now available across Europe and in many other countries across the world. Read customer testimonials or book an appointment today with your nearest Lyric partner.


* Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof, and should not be completely submerged underwater.

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