Customer Testimonials

  • Elizabeth Tailby-Faulkes wears the Lyric extended wear hearing aid from Phonak

    “It was gradual, not a sudden thing at all. Then one day, you realise that you’re having to ask people to repeat things, or that you’re turning the television up louder than before.”...

    Elizabeth Tailby-Faulkes , Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
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  • Johan Thomsen Lyric hearing aid wearer

    Johan decided to try Lyric hearing aids after his hearing began to fade about ten years ago....

    Johan Thomsen, London
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  • Nick explains about growing up with hearing loss how the Lyric hearing aid has changed his life

    Nick got fitted with the Lyric hearing aid in 2013 after struggling since childhood with other hearing aids....

    Nick Morgan-Jones, Brighton
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  • Ben Lancaster is fitted with the Lyric invisible hearing aid

    “The shock of losing my hearing had an instant impact on my life as well as affecting my...

    Ben Lancaster, Colchester
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  • Dr Barry Dalal-Clayton

    Dr Barry Dalal-Clayton has recently tested the Phonak Lyric hearing device at altitude on Mont Blanc and found it worked extremely well. The Lyric was very comfortable and caused no interference with head gear or whistling feedback. In his words - “A gr...

    Dr Barry Dalal-Clayton, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire
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  • Gary Mann

    The Lyric invisible hearing aid can be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to four months at a time, which is fantastic news for hearing aid wearers, who are used to having to remove old devices for cleaning and maintenance....

    Gary Mann, Upminster, Essex
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  • Phonak Lyric

    Antony had always led a healthy lifestyle; he enjoyed his job as a Consultant and Solutions Architect for a leading CRM Software company, sports and a lively social life. It was not until Antony was 34 that he begun to notice problems with his hearing Ant...

    Antony Chesson, Tunbridge Wells
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  • Phonak Lyric

    For a number of years Pauls hearing had been getting progressively worse but, as it was a gradual process, he only really realised that it was serious 5 years ago. Despite this - it still took a few more years before he took action...

    Paul Miller,
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  • Phonak Lyric

    Rhydian found external hearing aids were not only uncomfortable but the batteries were also prone to cutting out every time he worked up a sweat. Rhydian also found they were easily knocked off....

    Rhydian Wynn-Williams, Stamford
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