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Online Hearing Test

Take the Phonak Lyric online hearing test now to identify if you have any issues with understanding speech within a noisy environment, which is often a symptom of hearing loss. As hearing degrades, the ability to localise sounds (distinguish or focus on one particular sound from a specific direction within a noisy environment) is often lost and so can provide a good indicator of the current level of impairment. Accordingly, should Our Online Hearing Test confirm the possibility of hearing loss, we recommend that you consult a hearing professional for more information about your condition and to receive an appropriate solution like the Phonak Lyric Hearing aid.

The test should take a couple of minutes to complete and will enable you to take positive action should a hearing impairment become apparent. For best results we recommend the use of headphones rather than computer speakers and that the test is undertaken in a quiet area where there is minimum background noise.

As natural hearing abilities can vary across ages and genders, we do request this information to make the hearing test as accurate as possible, however we do not store these details and won’t distribute them to any third parties without your permission.

Please note: the Phonak Lyric online hearing test does not include all facets of hearing and should not replace regular hearing tests provided by your GP or audiologist. It aims to assist people in identifying whether or not they may have suffered hearing loss and encourage them to take positive action to correct it.

This test has not been designed for use by children and if you suspect your child may have a hearing impairment speak to your GP to receive a referral for full diagnostic testing. Results of the Phonak online test do not constitute clinical data.

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