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How is Lyric fitted?

Getting started with Lyric is just an appointment away! Lyric is fitted at your Lyric practitioners office with no anaesthetic or surgery.  It is a simple, comfortable and non-invasive process.

Your first appointment

The Lyric hearing aid can only be fitted by trained Lyric practitionersDuring this meeting you will have a full hearing test and your Lyric professional will discuss your medical history and lifestyle requirements to ensure that the Lyric hearing aid is the appropriate choice for you. If a hearing loss is discovered the Lyric practitioner will then let you know whether this is in both ears or just one, which will then determine if you require one or two Lyric hearing aids.

If it is decided that the Lyric hearing aid is right for you, your Lyric practitioner will then carry out a thorough examination of the shape and condition of your ear canal to ensure that Lyric will sit snugly in your ear which avoids the problems of occlusion and feedback.

Once you and your Lyric professional agree that Lyric is right for you, your ear will be sized, the device placed in both ears (if the hearing loss is across both ears) or the ear with the hearing loss and the Lyric will be programmed to your hearing test results.

After this appointment you may need to see your Lyric professional for a follow up appointment to make some minor adjustments to the placement of the device and/or the programming.

Going forward you will wear your Lyric device until they are no longer working or up to a maximum of 120 days. The amount of time Lyric will function can vary between individuals. When your device needs to be replaced, you will need to visit your Lyric professionals centre to have a brand new device fitted.

For more information on what to expect why not watch our video below to see how the Lyric invisible hearing aid is fitted?


Adapting to hearing with Lyric

Hearing clearly can take time to get used to as even if you are a previous hearing aid user with Lyric you are going to be hearing lots of unfamiliar sounds which you may not have heard for years! Your Lyric practitioner can give you more information on this but if you are concerned at any time just give them a call.

Adapting to the feel of the Lyric hearing aid

As Lyric is placed deep in your ear canal it may take a little bit of time to get used to the feel of it in your ear. You may experience some discomfort during the first days and up to two weeks after the initial fitting. Please use the following classification for your sensation after the fitting:  After this initial settling period, most Lyric users forget that their Lyric hearing aid is even there!

If you experience any itching during the first few days, simply massage the side of the ear until it subsides. Do not push, pull or scratch your ear. For the first few days try not to sleep with direct pressure on your ear, adjust your pillows or try to sleep on your back until Lyric settles. For more information watch our introduction to Lyric video.

Can I change the settings of my Lyric hearing aid?

The Lyric hearing aid will be programmed by your Lyric practitioner to match your hearing loss and due to its fitting position there is no need to change any settings depending on the listening situation you are in (unlike other hearing aids). However there may be situations where you will want to be able to turn your Lyric hearing aid up or down, put it into sleep mode, switch it off or remove it – therefore when you try the Lyric hearing aid you will be given instructions on how to do this from your Lyric practitioner.


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