Welcome to the Official Lyric Hearing Aid Blog

29th January 2014 by The Lyric Team

This blog is the place you can ask any of the questions you have about the first extended wear invisible hearing aid 

Phonak Lyric!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and any experiences you may have had with Lyric.  Lyric is a truly unique and exciting solution, which will change the lives of people with a hearing loss.

I will be updating this blog regularly with the latest developments in the world of Lyric.

Any questions relating to Lyric are welcome….. I am looking forward to hearing from you all

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  • priyanka jo said, on the 26th July 2012

    i would like to know more about lyric aids
  • Keith Randall said, on the 25th February 2013

    Hi I had Lyric fitted in my left ear a week ago. It is absolutely great! the only problem I have is that my head phones I use when playing the piano are affected by Lyric. The magnets in the head phones keep switching the Lyric on and off and increasing and decreasing the volume. Can anyone recommend a not too expensive headphone alternative.

  • Tom Webb said, on the 26th February 2013

    I am totally deaf in my left ear and have been since 1992. I also suffer from tinnitus. This was a sudden and dramatic occurrence. I was told at the time it happened that hearing aids would be of no use. Initially I lost my sense of balance and was nauseous however that has corrected itself over the years.

    Would you please advise me whether your device fitted to the ear canal would restore my hearing and if so how much would it cost. I am 73 years old.
  • Katie Webster said, on the 1st March 2013

    Hi Keith,
    Thanks for your enquiry. As you say there is a magnet in headphones that can cause your Lyric to switch into different settings. It can happen when the distance between the headphones and Lyric is shorter. To avoid accidental switching you need to increase the distance between your Lyric and the headphones.
    I would suggest looking at headphones that sit outside your ear - or if you are using these already try headphones with a layer of foam to weaken the pull of the magnet.

    I hope this helps!

    Good luck

  • Katie Webster said, on the 1st March 2013

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you so much for you post.

    You have a very interesting story and what sounds like a complicated hearing history. Hearing loss can be caused by many different factors and each person needs a careful assessment to decide what is the best course of action and to recommend the best hearing solution. I would recommend that you have an up to date hearing test and get a hearing care professional to have a good look at your ears and history. If you are particularly interested in whether Lyric is suitable, you can find a list of Lyric providers in the UK by popping your post code into the locator box on the site. When you contact the provider they will be able to provide you with the cost of what they feel is the most appropriate solution for you.

    Technology has moved on significantly ion the past 20 years and I really hope that you are able to find a solution that works well for you.

    It would be great to hear how you get on!



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