Wearing Lyric 24 hours a day 7 days a week

29th January 2014 by The Lyric Team

Phonak Lyric Invisible Hearing AidI have worked at Phonak for 3 years now, before this I worked as an audiologist in the NHS.  After fitting many hearing aids and helping hearing aid users, the benefits of an extended wear hearing aid where like a breath of fresh air!  Deep canal placement providing excellent sound quality and ultimately hassle free hearing.

When I first heard about Lyric, I wanted to know exactly what it felt like to be sized and fitted with Lyric hearing aids and also how it felt to get used to an extended wear hearing aid.  Fortunately my ear canals are the right shape and length for Lyric, and although I do not have a hearing loss, I was fitted with a pair of Lyric hearing aids set on a very low level.

The sizing and fitting was no problem, I am used to people looking in my ears and as I was new to Lyric at the time, the person fitting me talked me through everything that they were doing - read more about the sizing and fitting of Lyric hearing aids here. What to expect

That evening, I went out with some friends for dinner – one of them is also an audiologist (it’s a small world!).  I managed to resist telling any of then that I had these invisible hearing aids in for a least an hour – none of them noticed!   I even made a show about some new earrings I was wearing to really put them to the test!

That night when I got into bed, I was definitely aware of my Lyrics and they were a bit annoying, however I lay on my back as this was most comfortable and had a good nights sleep.  The next morning, showering felt very strange, and I was really conscious of not wanting to get my Lyrics wet.

Over the next couple of days, I noticed my Lyrics less and less and became a lot less tentative showering in them.

I meet a lot of people who wear Lyric full time and speak to all the UK Lyric fitters very regularly. It definitely takes time to get used to having something in your ears 24/7 and some people take longer than other to settle with them.  However one of the most poignant bits of feedback that I hear from people who wear Lyric, is that they actually no longer feel like they are a hearing aid user.

Wearing Lyric 24 hours a day 7 days a week -

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