The new smaller Lyric

29th January 2014 by The Lyric Team

The new smaller Phonak Lyric is here! The first products were fitted in the UK in July and the feedback has been fantastic.  Many people were waiting to try the new product, because their ear canals were unsuitable for the original Lyric.  Many have been fitted with life changing results!

We heard a lovely story recently from a lady called Jackie Grant, who was fitted with the new smaller Lyric at the Hearing Care Centre in Colchester.  Jackie is a veterinary physiotherapist who volunteered in the Paralympics.  Jackie realised about ten years ago that she could not hear people if they were facing away from her.  Jackie has very small ear canals and her previous hearing aids tended to fall out.  Because of the active nature of Jackie's job - hearing aids could be found across stables and fields all over the countryside!  Jackie was fitted with the new smaller Lyric the day before she started working at the Paralympics, where she was providing physiotherapy to the horses.  It took Jackie a while to get used to hearing all the new sounds around her, but she loves her new Lyrics!

The Hearing Healthcare Practice in Harpenden  also had this to say in their Lyric Hearing Aid blog

"Thought we should post a quick update as so many of you have been asking us about this new revolution in hearingcare.The device has been accepted very well and we haven't experienced any hurdles for our clients and patients. Initial reports are the device is more comfortable and the exciting thing is that claims that more ears are suitable, appears to be just right.We have had to develop a new technique on placing the device in the ear but we have been able to put the new device in ears which were impossible with the original Lyric.The interesting thing is that Lyric attracts a different client to the practice with many telling us they would never have considered addressing their hearing needs before now".

Now more people can experience fantastic invisible and effortless hearing with the new smaller Lyric!

Why not try it for 30 days and see how Lyric can change your life!


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  • philip mclean said, on the 12th October 2012

    Good Afternoon

    Do you have a clinic in the uk ?
  • Katie Webster said, on the 12th October 2012

    Hi Philip,

    Lyric is indeed available in the UK. Just pop your postcode in the "Find your local Lyric Provider" to find your closest centre. Good Luck!
  • Gerard said, on the 21st October 2012

    Why are there no clinics in the south west? Wales if too far as are the Channel Islands .
    Will a local hearing aid consultant be able to supply and fit them?
  • Katie Webster said, on the 22nd October 2012

    Hi Gerard,

    I am sorry that there is not an Authorised Lyric Provider in your area at the moment. Lyric will be available at more centres in the coming months....
    Please keep an eye on the site for news of new Lyric centres!


  • Hart said, on the 30th October 2012

    Are there any Lyric hearing aid providers in North America ,ie Canada
  • Katie Webster said, on the 1st November 2012


    Thanks for the question - Lyric is definitely available in Canada. At the top of our site you will see a link entitled looking for partners outside the UK - you will be able to find all Canadian and US centres there. Good luck!
  • Lois Hall said, on the 2nd June 2014

    I wear 2 cic hearing aids but am interested in the Lyric aids.
  • Angela Cromack said, on the 3rd June 2014

    Hi Lois, we have a number of Lyric providers in the UK and Ireland - if you are interested visit where yo can find your nearest provider and book an appointment.

    Kind regards
    The Lyric Team

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