Meet Lyrics new Managing Director

29th January 2014 by The Lyric Team

Lyric fitting for Bryan HolmesOne of our newest patients in the United States loved his Lyric experience so much that he decided to join the company! Bryan Holmes wore hearing aids for 7 years before his audiologist introduced him to Lyric hearing aids. “When I first heard about Lyric it seemed too good to be true. I found that my prior hearing aids really didn’t fit well with my lifestyle. I was an active 47-year-old with a high profile marketing career at Johnson & Johnson. I was a bit self conscious about my hearing aids, particularly at work, and I still had difficulty with wind and background noise, especially in big meetings.”

After trying Lyric hearing aids, Bryan immediately found that Lyric was not only a very convenient and completely discreet solution, but that the sound quality exceeded his expectations. “Lyric has really changed my life. I can hear very well in all those challenging situations that used to be so exhausting. I find my performance at work and quality-of-life in general has really changed for the better. My family will tell you that they have also noticed the difference. I really love that I can hear 24/7 and never have to lift a finger to do so."

Bryan officially joined the Lyric team this past January and is now the Managing Director for Lyric globally. He could not be more excited about this role, particularly given his own experience as a hearing aid wearer. "I tell everyone about my Lyrics vs. before when I was hoping nobody would notice my hearing aids.” I have been in healthcare and medical device marketing for over 20 years and this is the most exciting opportunity in my career. It’s truly a unique opportunity to combine my extensive experience in healthcare marketing with my unique perspective as a patient to make Lyric an extraordinary success.”

The recent rollout of the smaller Lyric hearing device has been exciting, but as Bryan says “We have a lot of work to do for Lyric to realize it’s full potential.*** Unlike most people I sought help fairly early in my hearing loss, but I know I would have acted much sooner had I known about Lyric 7 years ago. With Lyric, I believe we have the responsibility to make as many people aware of what Lyric has to offer as early as possible. I truly believe that it will help people get over the barriers to taking that first step [toward treating hearing loss].”

If you have been waiting to treat your hearing loss, Lyric hearing aids may be the right solution for you. Learn more at and call us at 0808 256 5243 to make a Lyric appointment in your area.

***Lyric is indicated for mild to moderate hearing loss

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  • stewart murgatroyd said, on the 14th August 2013

    it all sounds too good to be true. i have problems due to working with heavy machinery ( i cant hear high pitch sounds ) could the lyric help me if the nerves are dead ??? stewart
  • Katie Webster said, on the 19th August 2013

    Hi Stewart

    Thanks for your message. The best way to find out would be to visit your local Lyric provider. The page you need to visit is:

  • Robert Beiny said, on the 7th September 2013

    Hi Stewart

    I have been involved with Lyric in the UK since the summer of 2010 and our results have been pretty spectacular too.

    One of our clients recently told me that he "was in ear heaven" and that he could "hear better than 50% of my normally hearing friends".

    We have had 2 clients approach us for an introduction to Lyric as they were so taken with the device that they wanted to see if there was any opportunity to work for the company too!

    That's quite an endorsement.

    I agree with Katie, contact your nearest Lyric provider and discuss your issues with them. There is no obligation to talk and many providers will give the opportunity to try Lyric without risk.

    Hope this helps.
  • Rashpal Chahal said, on the 11th January 2014

    I wish some one can help me. With a hearing aid that fits in the ear. One I was given by NHS it's dreadful hurts my ears and keep getting headache.
  • Angela Cromack said, on the 15th January 2014

    Hi Rashpal it might be best to book an appointment with one of our Lyric fitters - the full list can be found here where you can also find your nearest one according to your postcode.
  • Steven M Shelton said, on the 5th August 2014

    who is your representative in the usa
  • Angela Cromack said, on the 5th August 2014

    Hi Steven, there are many different fitters in the USA. You can find your nearest provider by visiting

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