Head in the sand when it comes to declining senses?

28th October 2014 by The Lyric Team

Earlier this week we posted about the results of our recent survey which focused on attitudes to ageing - read the original post here. As part of the research, we were also keen to find out how hearing factors when it comes to people's general health regimes.
The research revealed that while most people get their vision, blood pressure and teeth checked on a regular basis, 58% of people have never had their hearing checked - that's despite 30% of those surveyed thinking it should be checked up to once a year.
Not knowing hearing tests are available, where to find them or thinking they can't afford them are the reasons 42% cite for not having their hearing checked more regularly. Over a quarter (27%), meanwhile, just 'get by ok'.
For those who may be concerned about correcting their hearing loss with a hearing aid because other people may notice it, they need not worry - over three quarters of people (76%) think that someone saying 'pardon' is more noticeable. It may be a lack of confidence in the technological advancements of treating hearing loss that's holding people back from dealing with the issue - people are more than three times more confident that developments in the treatment of sight issues are more advanced.
Audiologist and Lyric Business Manager Tania Rodrigues shares her thoughts on the results: "Hearing tests are readily available and free in most cases, and for anyone with hearing loss the technological innovation when it comes to hearing aids if far more advanced than people realise - Lyric, for example, is like a contact lense for the ear; it's completely invisible and stays in for up to three months at a time. So there's no excuse for neglecting your ears, whatever your age."

Head in the sand when it comes to declining senses? -

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