Coping with hearing loss at Christmas and new year parties

17th December 2014 by The Lyric Team

Whether you have had your hearing loss prescribed or not, if you don't use a hearing aid then you may struggle to hear at certain times during the festive break. But losing some of your hearing doesn't mean you have to lose your social life. The helpful hints below will help ensure you can maximise the hearing you have and ensure you don't miss out:

  • Tell the people you are socialising with you have reduced hearing. It’s a good place to start and not anything to be embarrassed about. Being honest and up-front means you won’t have your day or night ruined by worrying about how you are going to hear.

  • Face the person talking directly wherever possible. This is particularly important if you are in a crowded pub or restaurant. The background noise and busy environment can really be a distraction. If you have a clear view of your family, friends or work colleagues, you’ll feel a lot happier.

  • Position yourself strategically. If you are meeting in a restaurant, ask for a table in the corner, away from the noise of a busy kitchen, a banging door or a crowded bar area. Sitting at a circular table is a good choice.

  • If there’s loud music, ask for it to be turned down. If you tell someone you are having difficulty hearing, they will be able to do something about it. Don’t feel like you are making a fuss. If you are in a large group, you can bet they were all thinking the same thing about the loud music!

  • Don’t try to listen from another room. If a friend has invited you over for dinner and they are talking whilst preparing the food in the kitchen, and you are in the lounge with the kids racing up and down, move yourself so you can see each other.

  • Ask the person speaking to slow down or speak up. If you are with people you know well, you won’t find this difficult at all. But if you are with people you have just met, you might feel awkward. So try to make light of it by saying you don’t want to miss out on what they’ve got to say!  

  • Sit on your good side. Don’t be afraid to say to people, I can hear better on this side, do you mind if we swap places or if I stand here?

  • If you fancy watching a film at the cinema over the holidays why not find out if your local cinema offers subtitles. If a trip to the cinema is your passion, there are many screenings with subtitles shown nationwide every month. The film industry determines the ten films with the highest weekly attendances, they are then subtitled and generally available for viewing the following week.

By trying some of these ideas, you may find parties less stressful and more enjoyable but if you still struggle or want to find out more about the signs of hearing loss read our blog from January this year.


Coping with hearing loss at Christmas and new year parties -

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