Better relationships

29th January 2014 by The Lyric Team

It’s Valentines day!  I suspect many of us will be out with our loved ones this evening in crowded restaurants enjoying the romantic atmosphere.

In social situations and groups, when noise can make hearing increasingly difficult, it can be tempting to sit back and not be included, if you are struggling to ear what is going on.  Hearing is key to communication and conversation depends not only on the words that are being used, but their intonation.   Communication helps to build and underpin relationships.  Hearing loss can leave some people feeling isolated and at times depressed which can have a knock on effect on their relationships with loved ones.

Hear the World recently conducted a study “Hearing is Living”, in an attempt to encourage people to value their hearing, by protecting the existing hearing and to address any hearing loss they may have.

The study included 4,300 people who were hearing aid users, people with a hearing loss who did not wear a hearing aid and also family members of people with a hearing loss.

Over 80% of people surveyed reported having a better quality of life since wearing a hearing aid.

Over 50% of the people wearing a hearing aid wished they had started wearing them earlier.

Over two thirds claimed that their relationships had improved since wearing hearing aids.

Have you been affected by your hearing loss?  Do you wear a hearing aid and would like to share your story?  We would love to hear your comments.

Better relationships - 2

  • Fred Roberts said, on the 17th February 2012

    Can it be used underwater? I would assume not but I do a lot of free diving down to about 12 feet. Otherwise, it looks really good to me, as I work away a lot and batteries are always a problem.


    Fred Roberts
  • Katie Webster said, on the 17th February 2012

    Hi Fred,

    Thanks for your post. Free diving - that sounds pretty exciting! Unfortunately Lyric hearing aids are not suitable for people who sky dive or scuba/free dive. There is a chance that the changes in pressure that you experience, could cause the Lyric to move.
    Many people swim in their Lyric hearing aids, and those who swim regularly sometimes use swim plugs so that they can splash around until their hearts are content!
    I am glad that you think Lyric Hearing aids look exciting and they have made a massive difference to many people all over the world, but unfortunately due to your lifestyle, they would not be my recommendation.

    If anyone has any other questions - I am happy to answer them!



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