Attitudes to Hearing aids

29th January 2014 by The Lyric Team

I was horrified to read an article this weekend about a young man who was ordered off the football pitch half way through a match because HE WAS WEARING HEARING AIDS!!!!!

Apparently the referee felt that the hearing aids were a risk to health and safety.  23 year old Mr Beech from South Yorkshire has been wearing hearing aids since he was 4 and has never encountered any issues.

When the ref objected to the hearing aids, Mr Beech offered to put on a head band which he normally uses to protect his hearing aids when he plays in the rain.  However, this was not enough.

Mr Beech’s team mates stopped play in support of him.

I am no football expert, but surely it would be more of a health and safety risk for a player not to be able to hear whistles to indicate the end of play etc….

The thing that shocked me the most about this crazy situation was that people with electronic tags are allowed to play, and in fact one of the players from the other team was fitted with one!  Surely these are larger, harder and pose a far more significant risk to other players than a hearing aid…?

It’s a terrible shame and goes towards answering the age old question of why only 1 in 7 people who have a hearing loss actually wear hearing aids. Stories like this do nothing to help alleviate the stigma which for some people surrounds hearing aids.

If you look further into these figures, you see that in fact 90% of people with a mild to moderate hearing loss in the UK do not wear a hearing aid.

One of the main factors thought to influence this, is the fact that people perceive hearing aids to be big and clunky.  Hearing aids come in all different shapes and sizes and hearing aid technology has made significant advances in recent years.

Nobody should ever feel embarrassed about wearing a hearing aid – but its fantastic that people now have a choice about the type and style of hearing aid they wear.

I hope that with products such as Lyric, which are completely invisible, hassle free and can be worn while exercising or carrying out any of your daily activities, we will see a change in these statistics.  With these types of advances in technology, if discretion is important to you – nobody will know that you are wearing Phonak Lyric.  Even if this isn’t of concern to you, Lyric is so easy.  People who wear Lyric often say that they themselves forget that they are wearing a hearing aid.

Do you have a hearing loss, but avoid doing something about it?  Why?  It would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Attitudes to Hearing aids -

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