A comparison of Lyric with digital hearing aids

29th January 2014 by The Lyric Team

People often ask why Lyric is an analogue hearing aid. The analogue processing can appear simple compared to other hearing aids, which have different channels and can change their response depending on what environment you are in. Lyric is unique in that the receiver sits just 4mm away from the ear drum, and the microphone is always at least 4mm in from the opening of your ear canal. With Lyric you hear as you are designed to! The Lyric hearing aid takes full advantage of the natural acoustics of your outer ear and ear canal. Because the Lyric is encased in soft foam seals which contour exactly to your ear canal, no sound can escape from the receiver and get back into the microphone, meaning that no complicated corrections are required. The most unique feature of Lyric is that the battery can last for months at a time meaning that the wearer has a completely hassle free hearing aid solution.  There is no daily handling or hassle involved with Lyric and because it truly is an invisible hearing aid, people who are suitable to wear Lyric are extremely satisfied.

A study was conducted earlier this year in Germany to directly compare the performance of Lyric with digital hearing aids. The study tested how well people heard speech in noisy and quiet situations with Lyric compared to with their digital hearing aids. The study concluded that despite being analogue Lyric users did not have any disadvantage understanding speech in quiet or noise or in telling where the sound is coming from. If you are interested to read more about this study click here - A comparison of Lyric with digital hearing aids

Phonak Lyric is truly a breakthrough solution, and is like no other hearing aid. So clear through the noise and try something truly game changing! See a Lyric Hearing Professional and find out if Phonak Lyric is right for you - find a Lyric partner in your area

A comparison of Lyric with digital hearing aids -

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