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100% invisible worn 24/7 for months at a time

Lyric is not like other hearing aids you've heard about.

Its a tiny piece of sophisticated micro-engineering that was born in Silicon Valley in 2006. Since its launch the Lyric hearing aid has completely revolutionised the hearing healthcare industry as it is the first hearing aid in the world that is 100% invisible from the outside and can be worn 24/7 for months at a time*.

Lyric was launched in the UK and Ireland by Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak in 2010 and can only be fitted by specially trained hearing healthcare professionals.

For more information have a look through the website or find your nearest provider to book an appointment and join the 1000’s of people that have already experienced the sound and comfort of Lyric!


*Individual replacement needs may vary. Duration of device battery life varies by patient and is subject to individual ear conditions.

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